Cara no fuck you

you could cosplaY Amy Rose or cream or whoever maybe?

Tgats what I was thinking actually but it’d be too difficult

Ppl who put that they’re single in their descriptions are so weird

Turbo swag

what should i cosplay. im going to my first con in october what character would i cosplay good

[9:56:03 PM] eli: SLAN JA
[9:56:05 PM] eli: SLAM AM
[9:56:07 PM] eli: ESDVES
[9:56:07 PM] eli: FDFUFUFUUFUFUF
[9:56:12 PM] eli: FUCKLW E
[9:57:10 PM] eli: TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT999999999

casper just said it’d call me back then i heard it say “No its not dead its alive” faintly and then it hung up on me.

its called space jam.

its called space jam.