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Damm Bullshit

Im listening to lorde

theres a bunch of cute lesbians at the school im going to go to and also trans ppl 😻😻😻 ican finally have non straight friends its time



goodnight ✌😽

celestias so fucking ugly

Imo being an awful person automatically makes you ugly

yes tht was before i figured out he was diancie

goodnight ✌😽

i just saw a hot persons selfie and i was like whoa..wois that and it was fucking dian.cie byeeeee

tripropellant replied to your post: http://cishet.tumblr.com/tagged/x is m…

the first post is great then scrolling down it gets progressively worse

this is true actually but fuck you

i just realized i was deleting all my posts so most of them are gone :| not done yet though lms if you wanna help me delete all my posts.